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Need Money Now

devildog1981 started this conversation
My wife and I need money now, or we are on the streets in less than a month. I am a disabled vet, my wife was laid off, and we have no money. We are looking for someone to look into their heart to offer some money to help us so we can live. We are both looking for employment, but no luck as of yet. Please help us.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to cbairfoot
Hi call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u placed to call good luck
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cbairfoot   in reply to Elaine of TSA
Hello I was wondering if I could get help with my utility bills
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dana93   in reply to Elaine of TSA
hello i need some help
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missvh   in reply to Elaine of TSA
http://rockford.craigslis.... In need of a one-time donation, can you help?
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Lix   in reply to Elaine of TSA
I am on hud, and still owe the rent man 1,200.00 dollars,because hud refuse to accept that my oldest son has moved out,i have sobmitted Ll the information I could still have not heard a change from them. You tell me where is good help, people have jobs,and donot do what they suppose to do,and there is people who wont to work. Me I am on disability,thank god for that,yet I am just is making it. My name is lizzie
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Barbilous 38   in reply to Elaine of TSA
hi I need help I am a single parent I am in houston. I am scared because we are going to be evicted if don't get the money quickly for rent.
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 in response to Elaine of TSA...   i need fast help
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 in response to Dougone2...   Hi Dougone2, tell me how to get $20.00 ASAP. Thanks,
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Elaine of TSA
contact the VA to find out if you may be eligible for a VASH Voucher
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I am sorry to hear about your situation ... a tough spot to be in without a doubt. I may be repetitive here, but i don't know your entire situation ... are you on, or have you applied for SSDI? Or even SSI? I assume your wife is not receiving unemployment? If she was laid off she should be able to apply for those benefits. Have you gone to the website for 211, or called 211? The Salvation Army is another place which provides resources for everything from rental assistance to food and may be a good place to start. There are new government grant programs taking affect which are specifically to assist and prevent people/families with keeping their housing during times of unemployment or health emergencies .. it may be another source of help for you. You should be able to go to both the Social Security website and the DSHS website for help and info applying for various programs. The community Catholic charities also offer a good deal of help with rental assistance, utilities, and other emergency costs and needs .. you need to make sure you start calling at the beginning of the month, as that's typically when their appointments are offered and fill up quickly. I hope this may be of some help to you ... I know things are really hard right now. Blessings, Cat
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